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Qatar PHOTOharmonic Orchestra
The story:
I joined the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in 2009 as a violinist. The project Qatar PHOTOharmonic Orchestra started during rehearsals and concert tours where I was equipped with two instruments: a violin and a camera. I still relive the precious moments of capturing the musical expression in the portraits of my colleagues.

We...the Divan
The story:
Since 1999, the West Eastern Divan Orchestra has been changing my life. All these years later, I want to tell my story ... I want to record the lightness of music that interrupts the silence of darkness.
Playing the 9 Beethoven symphonies with the West Eastern Divan orchestra under Maestro Barenboim is like travelling between the 9 planets of our solar system.
Each melody tells a different story, each change in harmony requires a change of "aperture", like a discussion between light and darkness in the "Moonlight Sonata".
Every musician of the West Eastern Divan Orchestra is here to express himself and fight for a brighter light on earth.

Eine Strassenphilharmonie
The story:
In the 30 different cities my music has brought me, the street musicians have all spoken the same language.
While each has had a different musical character, they have all had something in common; each had a story to tell and each answered a question that I could never answer. Every musician I met on my way to the concert hall taught me something that I could still feel an hour later when I reached the stage.
Georges Yammine

Photo by Julie Sgarro

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